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I offer both individual and group readings in a variety of settings (in-person, by phone, and email for individual readings and Group Reading Circles are always in-person.


Gain insights through down-to-earth readings!

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Email Reading Fee: $20

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One Email Readings

Have you ever had a “quick question” that you would like insight on?  A One Question Email Reading gives you the opportunity to ask one specific question.    

Melissa will reply to your specific question with an approximately 200 word response.  

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Group Reading Circles

A private group reading circle is a small hosted (by you) group reading session. There is a minimum of 5 guests and a maximum of 10 guests.  Each guest receives a short reading.  Because this is a group reading, Melissa is unable to read any guest privately. The time frame is 2- 3 hours.

In-person Readings

Melissa connects with your Guides/Guardian Angels or your Loved Ones on the Other Side.  Perhaps you may desire insight on your personal relationships, career, finances or hear messages from Loved Ones on the Other Side. Whether you have specific questions or simply desire to allow messages to come through, Melissa is dedicated to bring validations to you.

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Phone Readings

A distance reading session is a wonderful option for you and is just as powerful as being in-person! You have the option to connect via phone or virtually. Melissa will connect with your Guides/Guardian Angels or your Loved Ones on the Other Side to bring you messages.

Mobile Phone

What to Expect During a Reading

A reading with Melissa has often been described as sitting down and talking with a friend who you have known for years.  During your session, Melissa will ask for your name and the area(s) you wish to focus on. She will take the time to explain how she does what she does using her down to earth personality before beginning the reading session.


You are welcomed and encouraged to take notes during your reading. Melissa strives to bring you validations through her dedication and accuracy. You are welcomed to ask questions during your reading if you choose.


A Reading Session is $100

One Question Email Reading is $25

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