About Me

Hello - I am so happy you are here. I  am a psychic medium currently living in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Having been psychically sensitive my entire life, I decided to explore my psychic abilities at a pivotal time in my life as a way to provide healing insights for myself and for others.

I am a down-to-earth practitioner who is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for my clients. Providing a calm and nurturing environment puts my clients at ease, and establishing trust is a top priority in my sessions.

When working with clients, I use my clair senses to forecast the future and to bring clients messages from their guides and loved ones from the other side. I utilize a practical and open approach with clients to ensure that the session is tailored to meet their needs - whether that is to ask specific questions or to simply allow messages to come through.

In addition to furthering my expertise in psychic reading, I am also interested in the power of Reiki and Shamanic healing work. I participate in a healing circle, which brings me great joy and connection.

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