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About Me

Hello - I am so happy you are here. I am a psychic medium, healer and mentor. 

I currently reside in Minnesota with my family.

Having been psychically sensitive my entire life, I decided to explore my psychic abilities at a pivotal time in my life as a way to provide healing insights for myself and for others.

I am a down-to-earth practitioner who is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for my clients. Providing a calm and nurturing environment puts my clients at ease, and establishing trust is a top priority in my sessions.

When working with clients, I use my clair senses to forecast the future and to bring clients messages from their guides and loved ones from the other side. I utilize a practical and open approach with clients to ensure that the session is tailored to meet their needs - whether that is to ask specific questions or to simply allow messages to come through.

In addition to furthering my expertise in psychic reading, I am also interested in the power of meditation, creative art, Reiki, Shamanism, and restorative Yoga. I lead weekly meditation at Creators Space located in downtown Saint Paul, mentor clients through my Intuitive Development Program, and participate in a healing circle, which brings me great joy and connection. 



Thank you for your messages of empowerment and reminding me of who I AM. 
You reminded me of my divine purpose and my worth.

- Mykayla

Thank you for the amazing reading! I’m just blown away in the best way possible. I feel there are no accidents or chance meetings. Feel very blessed to have met your acquaintance!

Thank you, again.

 ~ Abby

I cannot tell you what your event meant to all of us. We laughed, we cried, we talked. It was one of those life times that can never be done again. Everything was just so perfect. We are all closer than before.

We loved your humorous presentation and were so surprised how spot on you were. I am so pleased that we met and spent a completely delightful and amazing afternoon together.


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